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Hold That Thought

Johannes Langkamp

28 euro (+ shipping)

Hold That Thought is a walk through the work of visual artist Johannes Langkamp. This book is a reflection of an archive with (digital) works of art, experiments, (kinetic) models and their documentation. In it moving images are brought to a standstill, only to be put in motion again by its reader. Walk, run, detour, stroll. Discover this book about motion, in motion.

44 pages, 22x30 cm, ISBN: 9789082993257

Designer: Art Collart

Editor: Rianne Zijderveld

Size: 220 x 300 mm

Number of pages: 144

Paper: Munken Pure Rough 240 gr (cover), EOS 2.0 100 gr (interior)

Binding: Cahier stitch with black thread

Language: English

Including a text written by Sandra Smets specifically for the book (in NL, DE and EN).