drift 12 is started by three artists based in Rotterdam.

Zaagmolendrift 12

3035 JA Rotterdam

Sander Van Wettum

My work deals with the experience of abstraction and alienation in the everyday built environment. I seek out urban places that seem to withdraw from their surroundings, with no apparent relationship to their environment or history. I am interested in the moment when the intended use context disappears, giving rise to an absurd new reality. Office parks after hours, new housing developments without inhabitants, or desolate beach resorts in winter: these island-like (non)places generate numerous paradoxical tensions. They are constructed environments that hold a certain optimistic promise, while they can also be seen as failed and depressing.

The photographic image is my starting point. I take long walks in cities, and with my analogue medium-format camera, I frame the reality I see, further removing these places from their context. In this way I create new spaces that no longer refer to a precise location, but form an imaginary landscape of typologies, ideas and atmospheres. These images are not so much records or documents, but rather an archive of building blocks. This archive constitutes the source of my work: an autonomous space within which I can discover new internal connections, and from which I can create new realities. Within this archive, the images have no established form, meaning or hierarchy. Depending on the (exhibition) context they are rearranged in new categories and material forms. Some examples in recent years give a flavour of the divergent possibilities: installations, maquettes, performances and film.


Rei Kakiuchi

Rei Kakiuchi is an artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The central source of his research and practice always departs from the keyword "Secrecy and Escapology" within an animal body which allows him to deploy multiple disciplines.


Thomas Walskaar

Thomas Walskaar is a graphic designer and media researcher. He holds an MA in Media Design and Communication from The Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Ravensbourne University in London. Walskaar has worked with publishing - print and web, visual identities, events coordination, as well as photography and video production.

His personal research is directed at the social aspects of digital technologies and its influence on the past and present.