( 24.09.22 – 6.10.22 )

In this series of lenticular prints Brigitte Jansen researches the power of memes when talking about mental health. Memes and GIFs give people the opportunity to express difficult feelings on the Internet. The humour associated with Internet memes breaks the taboo on mental health and gives a face to depression, anxiety and other emotions. With this work Brigitte investigates the visual language of these specific memes and puts them in a new context outside the screen.

Brigitte Jansen is a graphic designer and project manager in the cultural sector. As a child of the 90s, she has a distinct love for remix culture, digital culture, GIFs and cat videos. Brigitte is interested in combining interaction forms from the physical and digital world. In doing so, she emphasises everyday interactions in her work. Research and methodology characterise her autonomous practice and are in the service of interdisciplinary experiments and works.


Form, Farbe, Freundschaft

( 05.08.22 – 18.09.22 )

The installation ‘Form, Farbe, Freundschaft’ brings together the works of three German artists. Altough they share a mutual friendship and history (they all studied at the AKI ArtEZ in Ensched) they each have been developing a distinct artistic practice ever since. It is for this exhibition that they bring together their indivual works for the first time, which results in a surprisingly cohesive installation.

Pastel drawings: Maike Hemmers (1987) currently works with pastel drawings and soft sculptures to understand and portray how affects, feelings, and relationships move through a body. She currently lives and works in Rotterdam.

Sculptures: Lotte Lisander (1988) is a sculptor and ceramist. Since 2018 she is working as an apprentice of master potter Heike Rabe at Studio heksenvuur in Crooswijk,. She currently lives and works in Rotterdam.

Paintings: Jan Pötter (1998) mainly works in the field of painting and drawings. He also writes fiction. His images are mostly tragic situations that hide behind bright colours and a naive superficial childish setting. He lives and works in Leipzig.

Johannes Langkamp - Wanting to be a circle

( 29.04.22 - 12.06.22 )

For the 3rd edition of Drift12 window / gallery we present two site-specific interventions by Rotterdam based media artist Johannes Langkamp (Germany, 1985).

The work of Johannes Langkamp is formed by wonder. He looks into the interplay between process and result and makes this experimental method visible by using instruments like videos, photographic techniques, kinetic models and spatial installations.

Concerned with the idea that every work can be a carrier for thoughts Langkamp has been working on a book that reflects on his archive of (digital) artworks, experiments, (kinetic) models and their documentation. The resulting publication Hold That Thought will be a search for the possibility of recording movement in a book and for the relationship between (physical) works of art and its documentation.

To celebrate the launch of this publication, Langkamp created two new sculptures for the Drift gallery space that playfully connect to the books topic of movement.

Hold that Thought is made in collaboration with Unformed Informed and will be published in May.

You are invited to join the book-launch on May 12, 2022 —17.00 - 21.00 Galileistraat 15, 3029AL Rotterdam.

Benjamin Li - 一帆風順 ( 04.03.22 - 03.04.22 )

For our second exhibition “一帆風順 (smooth sailing ahead)” by Benjamin Li (Dordrecht) researches questions of identity, representation, displacement, foodways, and a sense of home for the Chinese community in the Netherlands. He approaches these questions centrally through an exploration of the Chinese-Indonesian restaurant.

Since 2014, he has visited 900 Chinese restaurants across the Netherlands in an endeavor to build an archive of this restaurant. During these visits, he has collected menus, pieces of tableware, and written memories of his encounters. Importantly, he has also taken photographs of over 190 unique Chinese-Indonesian dishes at these restaurants. These photographs have been developed into a 1000-piece puzzle series, into a lightbox, and into a more popularly accessible 500-piece puzzle made in collaboration with LAM museum and MAMA and a line of coffee mugs. Related work includes a series of epoxy carrot roses, three video installations, and a ceramic reinterpretation of the fortune cookie (residency at EKWC).

He finds beauty in the Chinese-Indonesian restaurant, but for him, it is also a way to come to understand his Chinese roots and family history. Many of his family members, including his biological parents, have worked in restaurants as a way to survive and integrate into Dutch society. With his research, he tries to honor the restaurant, where others at times mock it. In earlier work, he has more broadly questioned stereotypes of Asian people (Yellow-Series 2011-2013, 2021). Today he sees the significance of his work in straddling the tension between bringing out the absurdity of certain stereotypes and fostering a reappraisal of the beauty and heritage of the Chinese-Indonesian restaurant.

Offical Opening 04.3.22 17:00

Window open 24/7

Shinji Otani - Minorsteps ( 3.12.21 - 9.1.22 )

For the exhibition “Minorsteps ” Japanese photographer Shinji Otani presents two new series wherein he explores spaces that exists between two clear points.

Window: The series “JP in NL” is a personal investigation into how living in the Netherlands for over 18 years has affected the photographers identity. Otani feels that as an immigrant, he can never truly become Dutch, but at the same time he doesn’t feel completelyJapanese anymore. By photographing other Japanese families that have been living in the Netherlands, he seeks to compare and contemplate on how your personal identity can get perpetually stuck in a space between two cultures.

Gallery (inside): “Backstage” is a series of photographs of works of graffiti that Otani discovered in the no-mans land in between residential areas and the highway of Rotterdam. By further enlarging the resulting photonegative, paint particles and filmgrain become the main protagonist in these photographs. On the one hand the resulting series is hallucinant and abstract, while at the other makes elements visible that normally stay unnoticed when watched from afar.

Window open 24/7

Indoor Gallery open: Friday 1-5pm or by appointment: drift12@gmail.com

Supported by CBK Rotterdam